1 December 2009

Antiquexplorer December/January Issue

Dear Explorer

Welcome to our double issue, combining all the dates for your auction and fair diary throughout the months of December and January.
We first started our ‘Investment’ issues back in December last year, and here we are once again! The idea with these investment issues is to remind readers, new and old, to be discerning regarding their collecting, and even when things are tight, to buy the very best they can afford. Basically, we hear time and time again that those pieces that are securely attributed to an iconic designer or maker, are signed or have provenance, will always be sound investments.
Within this issue we give you a few hints and tips on who, and what to look out for.
This month I’ve spent a great deal of time out of the office, talking to dealers, taking photographs of exciting window displays in the dusky winter afternoons. I find antiques shops such great places to be inspired, not only for presents but more often than not, the dealers have such a good eye, that their Christmas displays can conjure up some fabulous decorative ideas for your own home.
This issue is packed full of gift ideas for the run up to Christmas, from the elaborate designs of Stuart Devlin to the festive designs of Caithness glass; and for your Christmas winter shopping, we have compiled a guide to the most popular antiques centres and shops in the region along with a few ‘hot spots’ for late night opening.
The New Year brings our 10th birthday, an office move, and our February issue, when we go full steam ahead into the sixties. So if you’ve got an interesting collection from the period or something you’d like to see featured, as usual get in touch by early January.
Finally, if you’d like to share your favourite antiques magazine throughout 2010 with a good friend, then a gift subscription is a great idea. Just visit: www.antiquexplorer.com
and go to 'Subscribe' and we’ll do the rest.
Happy Christmas to you and fingers crossed, a prosperous New Year ahead for all involved in this great trade.


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